A total of 15 students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) partook in the undergraduate sharing session titled ‘Marine Control and Automation Project-based Learning for Maritime Systems. The session was conducted by Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Olanrewaju Oladokun from RWTH Aachen/Seanexus, Germany. Prof Dr. Sulaiman is the Director of SeaNexus and he is also a Scientist at Alfred Wagener Institute, conducting research sustaining our future, the Shelf Sea system, and ecology. He is also becoming a visiting professor in FET. 

The marine environment is known to be difficult for humans to operate in. Prof Dr. Sulaiman elaborated on his overview of the background and principles of automation and control applications, especially in marine applications. At the end of the session, Prof Dr. Sulaiman shared the specific application that can be chosen by the students to improve the design of the required automatic system for maritime and aquafarming process performance. It is hoped that the students gained insightful knowledge on this interesting topic.