FET Students Explore and Gain Perspective in Industrial Machinery Vibration

Corporate Communications Department


A group of final-year Mechanical Engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) attended a physical technical session on 8 November 2022. Organised by the faculty’s Industrial Linkage Committee (ILC), the session was conducted by an industrial speaker from Petronas, Mr. Khairul Fata Ahmad Asnawi, Principal Engineer, Rotating Equipment. 

 Mr. Khairul exposed his career life experience as well as shared his knowledge on industrial machinery vibrational analysis with the students. With his vast experience of 17 years, he is well acquainted with oil refineries, Petrochemical Plant, Utility Plant and Upstream Operation and Maintenance. As a Technical Authority of Upstream Malaysia Asset, he is responsible for endorsing save maintenance practices, plant change, and technical matters. On top of that, Mr. Khairul is also in charge of technical talent development at PETRONAS. The audience also engaged with the speaker through a Q&A session. This insightful talk helped the students relate and apply the knowledge gained from the mechanical vibration course and receive new perspectives from the expert.