Visiting Professor from Germany Shares Expertise on Digitalisation of Aquacultural System Technology

Corporate Communications Department


Professor Dr. Sulaiman Olanrewaju Oladokun, a scientist from Alfred Waginer Institute in Germany, delivered an online sharing session with students and staffs of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and Faculty of Engineering (FOE) on 2 November 2022. Prof. Sulaiman is also the Director of SeaNexus, a company spin-off on commercial research products and inland, coastal, and offshore farming technology.

In his talk, Prof. Sulaiman shared how digitalisation of aquacultural system technology leads to an efficient and ecological friendly aquafarming through the use of data technologies, sensor monitoring and modelling tools. The audiences were exposed to research projects on contemporary issues in the maritime and ocean engineering field, particularly on seaweed farming technology. 

Prof. Sulaiman also highlighted the increased demand of seaweed production in Malaysia that drives the needs of research and development in seaweed cultivation and harvest. The  talk was organised by the Industrial-Linkage Committee (ILC) of FET during the recent visit of Prof. Sulaiman to the faculty.