On 20th October 2022, a group of students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) has become more clued up on how to become a change agent via a talk in Melaka campus. The invited speaker was Ms. ICoL Chua, Director of Xpress Point Management Service Sdn. Bhd. Ms. ICoL is an alumna of MMU, who graduated from the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) in 2004.

Ms. ICoL has been in the industry for over 10 years and possesses exemplary experiences in the Human Resources Management System such as employee welfare and payrolls, training, and recruitment. She is a certified trainer who is knowledgeable in several HR topics such as employee resolution, conflict management, profile regulation, and other HR-related topics.

During the talk session, Ms. iCoL shared her career journey and how she managed to become a change agent.  She also pointed out the main drivers of change in the business world i.e., the technology, efficiency drive, cost reductions, business growth, and new leadership. Lastly, she shared some tips on the competency needed to become a Change Agent.  “Be flexible, be resilient, look for exciting solutions, and holistic approach to problem-solving.” The two hours talk ended with Q&A sessions and a group photo session.