Over the past decade, the way information is conveyed to a large audience has changed. Information that once used to be shared only through traditional media is now readily available digitally through any smart device regardless of where you may be.

With a communication qualification, you would also be able to help solve social issues by identifying communication problems and recommending the right solutions.

Here are a few things to help you conclude whether a programme is excellent and beneficial for your career or of bad quality.

Industry experts as lecturers

The first characteristic of a good and well-crafted communication programme is one that has industry specialists who serve as lecturers. Putting theories into practice is the best way to grasp theories well and have an insight into the industry.

In these classes, lecturers would have the opportunity to challenge students in solving real-life situations or scenarios, crafted from their own experience in the industry. For instance, lecturers may curate group and individual assignments based on problems commonly occurring at the workplace such as information hoarding, lack of feedback or even cultural differences.

Through this exposure, lecturers would be able to train critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also providing tips on how to best tackle such issues upon entering the workforce. Multimedia University (MMU) is always working on ways to provide innovative teaching methods and learning opportunities for its students.

Current industry knowledge

The second characteristic would be up-to-date, real-world industry insights. Organising field trips and student exchange programmes with reputable affiliates and industry partners would allow the students to gain new information while also putting their communication skills to the test.

Industry talks by guest industry players are also a great way for the university to expose its students to different mindsets, tactics, and skills that exist in the industry. For example, MMU may invite a public relations officer or journalist to give a talk about the daily challenges in the line of work, how to connect with the public, and how to convey the right messages without causing friction or misunderstanding among the masses.

MMU also boasts strong collaboration with some of the biggest name of the global industry such as TM, Infineon, ZTE, Huawei, Maybank, CIMB, Ainqa, Fusionex and Vitrox which would be beneficial for students in their journey to achieve greater knowledge and have the opportunity to work with these big game players.

Exposure while learning

The final characteristic would be offering industry opportunities to students after graduation. Industry opportunities such as internships, industry-based learning (IBL), and industrial placement (IP) help students grow their knowledge in the field they aspire to specialise. Through this, students would have the chance to build and refine the skill sets for their field of choice, be mentored by a professional, and gain lifelong experience that would be beneficial to their future careers.

Internships also have the potential to build a student’s entrepreneurial desires or skills. MMU’s Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) not only cultivates but also encourages students to pursue their own dreams. With the establishment of this centre, MMU is able to:

  • Create awareness and provide education programmes that increase the appreciation for entrepreneurship
  • Offer work space, entrepreneur development programmes and support services for stage funding
  • Foster community initiatives through the MMU Start-up Scheme and Spin-Off Scheme and show support during the early stages of an entrepreneurial business

Ensuring a communication programme has all the right characteristics to cultivate quality and competent communication graduates will prove to be beneficial not only to the graduates but also to the company. Students have the option to pursue either a Foundation in Communication, a Diploma in Applied Communication, or a Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communication) (Hons) at MMU to fulfil this dream.

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