Multimedia University Engineering Conference (MECON) 2022 in conjunction with the Digital Futures International Congress (DIFCON) 2022 hosted an annual virtual industry forum, recently. The forum was conducted by three panelists namely Prof. Dr. Nowshad Amin (Universiti Tenaga Nasional), Mr. Huzaimi Nor Omar (Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation) and Dr. Chin Wai Meng (Daikin Research & Development Malaysia Sdn Bhd) discussed on topic entitled Transforming Engineering: Opportunities and Challenges to Meet Sustainable Engineering Goals, which was moderated by Ir. Dr. Siow Chun Lim 

The session was kicked off with an opening speech delivered by the MECON2022 Industry Forum Committee, Mr. Jee Kian Siong from Multimedia University, which was attended by staff and students from the engineering field. In the nutshell, the speakers debated the crucial role of engineering in achieving sustainable development in Malaysia from the perspective of academicians, government, and industrial players.