A group of students and staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) participated in an industrial visit to Cohu Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Melaka, recently. The visit was organised by the Industrial Linkage Committee (ILC) in an effort to provide the students with industrial exposure to semiconductor test equipment and manufacturing operations management. 

During the visit, the participants received a comprehensive sharing session delivered by Mr. Marco, Production Director of Cohu Malaysia Sdn Bhd. They gained a clearer understanding of the current trends in semiconductor test, inspection handlers, micro-electromechanical system test modules and test contactors. The students were also exposed to the semiconductor automated test equipment for wafer level and device package testing; various test handlers, including pick-and-place, turret, and gravity. The production director, Mr. Marco also elaborated on some examples of device package inspection they are currently working on. The students managed to gain more insights and the visit can always bridge the gaps between theoretical learning and physical hands-on in a real-life environment

They were also given an opportunity to tour the company. The students were accompanied by Dr. Em Poh Ping, chairman of ILC; Dr. Palanisamy Chockalingam, subject coordinator of manufacturing and operations management, and Mr. Alif Zulfakar Pokaad, mechanical programme representative.