Mr. Mohd Bostami Ahmad, a specialist and an alumnus of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) was recently awarded the Certified Industrial Designer (CIDe) title by Malaysia Design Council (MRM), equivalent to Ir (professional engineer) and Ar (professional Architect) on 20th July 2022. For the first time ever in Malaysia, the CIDe, the highest recognition given to local industrial designers, was awarded to 16 individuals and Mr. Bostami was the youngest recipient. 

His passion in design began when he was just nine years old when he built his own skateboard from recycled wood and luggage bag wheels. Indeed, his skills and creativity in product design have been widely recognised, previously being one of the key designers in the Malaysian automotive industry and having worked with designers  from Lamborghini Design in Italy and other international designers across Europe. Mr. Bostami’s specialisation includes aerospace design, apparel/ garment, automotive, automotive components/ accessories, environment/ public design, fashion accessories, packaging/ container, and transport. 

Let’s join in congratulating Mr. Bostami on this remarkable achievement!