On 1st June 2022, a Bioinformatics online sharing session was conducted by Professor Dr. Richard Anney, a senior lecturer at Cardiff University and Director of the Master of Science programme in Bioinformatics. A total of 15 MMU bioinformatics students from the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) and staff attended the sharing session.

Dr. Ng Chong Han, the Programme Coordinator welcomed Dr. Anney and introduced the speaker to the audience. Dr. Anney is also an active researcher where he has published over 100 research articles, including articles in leading scientific journals such as Nature, PNAS, Nature Genetics and Cell and his work has been cited over 20,000 times.

In his session, Dr. Anney explained clearly how he reconstructed the learning objectives to meet the demands of research, industry, and health services. He also provided an overview of the Cardiff MSc in Bioinformatics programme structure and learning modes of the programme. The students were also introduced to different study options after finishing their undergraduate studies. All in all, the talk provides insightful information for Bioinformatics students who intend to pursue their postgraduate study abroad.