On 20th September 2022, Diploma in Accounting students from the Faculty of Business participated in a sharing session by Mr. Lim Min Hsiang, Senior Manager- Marketing and Student Recruitment of ICAEW at Melaka campus. The students were exposed to the ICAEW’s vast resources as part of ICAEW Advantage initiatives. 

Students will gain access to a variety of resources that will prepare them with a preview of what they will be experiencing when they move on to their Bachelor of Accounting degree and profession programmes – and for those who are joining the job market after their diploma programme, the resources will provide them with various valuable knowledge and skills such as in Digital transformation, Robotic process automation, AI and cognitive computing, Blockchain, and Analytics and visualisation.

During the session, the students were also introduced to the ICAEW CFAB (Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business) and the opportunity to acquire the Business and Finance Professional (BFP) designation. This is part of the collaboration between MMU and ICAEW through the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed in November 2021.