FOB Staff and Students Attend Insightful Talk on IR 4.0- Impact to Recruitment & Selection Practices

Corporate Communications Unit




The Human Resource Unit from the Faculty of Business (FOB) recently organised a talk titled, ‘IR 4.0- Impact to Recruitment & Selection Practices’. The talk was conducted by Mr. Venkateswaran, Industrial Advisory Panel of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) (Human Resource Management), who is currently attached to Tricor Business Services. At the same time, the event also served as an avenue to evaluate whether the academic staff, educational resources, and the university’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) are at par with the best practices to meet the current needs of the industries.

Mr. Venkateswaran has more than 30 years of experience, and he has worked with various vendors implementing HRIS and ERP solutions of different magnitudes, scope, and varying organizational headcounts. He has been appointed as a HRDF approved consultant under the NHRC’s Consultancy Services Division for HR, HRIS, and Training & Documentation and has been on the panel since 2014. He is also a HRDF Certified Trainer, where his training repertoire includes HR Certification programmes, Grooming & Etiquette, Training & Development Certification, Training Needs Analysis, Training Evaluation and English for Speakers of Other Languages. He is also a council member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) and is one of their trainers for their certification courses and public programmes.

During the talk, students were exposed to in-depth knowledge on IR 4.0 recent developments and trends comprising various areas such as strategic technology trends of 2021, key automation trends and automation in human resources. The talk also highlighted on challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. Mr. Venkateswaran also shared how AI recruiting tools can be utilised in the recruitment process. The students were also given an opportunity with the speaker and it helped the students to gain more insights into the industry’s current and future needs.