A total of 17 students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) participated in a virtual team-building programme recently. The programme was led by Mr. Hilson Yeap, Business & Learning Director from EduAction, a team-building company in Malaysia. The students learned on how to work together as team, how to plan and research using the digital tools, how to support and motivate each other online and develop resiliency while facing challenges online.

A briefing tutorial (1 day before the actual game) was given to provide guides on the usage of discord and google maps and some skills required for the game. Ice Breaker, Mindset, Team Formation, and debriefs were included in the program. Students were divided into a team of 5-6 pax and they were working closely together to hunt for things. They were also required to complete tasks to unlock cities. Each city has between 2-4 different locations. Each location has a few units of action items to search and solve. The students who joined the programme gained invaluable real-world training experience aligned with the current trend of a remote workforce.