The Faculty of Business (FOB) has successfully conducted two online sharing sessions on the management of online classes with delegates from the Bahagian Matrikulasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (BMKPM) and Sofa Education Group, recently held in the month of June 2020. Both sharing sessions were spearheaded by FOB’s Deputy Dean Student Affairs & Alumni, Dr. Zakiah Melatu Samsi, and four FOB lecturers, Ms. Syarifah Diyanah Yusoh, Ms. Faezah Othman, Ms. Ikha Fadzila Idris, and Dr. Gan Chin Lay.

The sharing sessions focused on two main areas, which is the introduction of an online classroom management framework, and best practices of online classes for subjects of various disciplines. The online classroom management framework, known as KENDALI, is a framework that was conceptualised as a model for the design and delivery of higher education programmes from the current face-to-face learning (which includes blended learning) to online/remote learning. It aimed to foster student-centered learning environment, student-lecturer interactions and student engagement in a fully online learning environment.

In acknowledging the various challenges of delivering subjects from various disciplines, the academics from FOB and the Faculty of Engineering (FET), Ms. Nur Asyiqin Amir Hamzah, Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST), Ms. Siti Zainab Binti Ibrahim and Ms. Mawar Madiah, also shared their experiences in utilising various online teaching and learning tools for their respective subjects with the delegates of BMPKM and Sofa Education Group.