A group of volunteers from Multimedia University (MMU) and Pertubuhan Gabungan Bantuan Bencana (BBNGO) a Malaysian NGO, made a flash trip to Kampung Air Lanas and Kampung Gemang at Jeli District, Kelantan for a flood relief mission recently.

The recent flood affected about 15 families and an appeal for help was made by Tuan Mohd Shamsul Baharin, Assistant District Officer of Jeli to Mr Shafiee Mohd, the coordinator of MMU Volunteers. Fortunately, all went well, as the team divided into groups and managed to clean up about 15 houses and the surrounding area within two days. The Assistant District Officer and the people of Jeli expressed their gratitude to the team for their tireless effort in making their homes liveable again.

Well done, MMU volunteers!