The Faculty of Applied Communication hosted a talk by Ms Liz Kamaruddin from FTI Consulting recently discussing a topic of vital interest in the communication industry today – Rocked by Business Scandal: Rebuilding Trust in Malaysia. The talk was attended by the students and lecturers of the Foundation in English and Bachelor of Applied Communication programmes at the FCM E-Theatre.

In the talk, Ms Liz shared her experience as a communication industry professional and the challenges weathering a changing culture in the world where leaders are no longer expected to tell the truth or have their facts right. She talked about her perspective on the role of communication to manage growing mistrust towards authority be it in the government or corporate world.

Many students took the opportunity to ask her questions about traits she would look for when hiring, details about the communication field and her experiences as a woman in the industry. Ms Liz responded with candour, offering them exciting stories from her career as well as practical advice born of real-life experience in the industry.