A total of eight students from Foundation in English who represented Faculty of Applied Communication walked away as the second runner up in the Radio Drama category at Modern Language Olympiad. Our students co-write the drama script entitled “Rojak” which highlights the theme of “Celebrating Youth, Language and Culture”. Emran bin Ezral, Ezzara Basyira bt Mohd Derrick, Farah Sabrina bt Maulaha, Fareed Aiman b. Noraslan Hadi, Iman Khalis b. Oani Nazlan, Nur Batrisya bt Mohd Rahimi, Nadhirah Assyiqin bt Marzuki and Mohd Thanis b. Budeen has made us proud through their creative work and ideas.

The event was organised by Academy of Language Studies (APB) and hosted by Universiti Teknologi MARA from 30th October until 2nd November 2019 in Shah Alam, Selangor. The competition which had   a range of participants from local public and private universities, as well as international universities and the categories offered, were in three different languages namely Malay, English and Arabic.