On 5 September 2019, a total of 76 enthusiastic students and 12 teachers from SMK Bukit Gambir, Tangkak, Johor received a warm welcome by the Faculty of Management (FOM) for a campus visit in Cyberjaya. The visit was jointly organised by FOM and National Marketing and Enrolment (NME) Unit in an effort to promote and boost marketing and entrepreneurial skills among the younger generation.

The event kicked off with an interactive presentation by the NME on exciting university life in MMU. The students were also exposed and engaged in other activities including “Jingles” and “What do you know about MMU”. For the Jingle activity, the students were divided into 9 groups and each group was given a product. They were required to come up with a marketing Jingle in promoting the assigned product. The top three teams received their presents and the event wrapped up with a photo session. This social responsibility initiative helped to inculcate the nation-building skills amongst the younger generation.

Well done!