Faculty of Management (FOM) through its Centre of Excellence for Knowledge and Innovation Management (CEKIM) organised an interactive and engaging programme for pupils from primary schools recently. 37 pupils joined the event and 11 lecturers from FOM facilitated the leisure and skills development activities during the one-day programme. The fun-based method of learning managed to get pupils’ interest and participation in completing all of the activities.

Apart from that, a total of 40 FOM students visited the Seri Perdana Complex recently. The visit was part of Public Sector Accounting subject which exposed them the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia which is also used for welcoming heads of state, heads of government, state dignitaries and the public. The students had a truly authentic experience to witness certain parts of the complex, namely the Protocol Block and Banquet Block. They were also able to witness the several main rooms used to welcome heads of state, heads of government and local and foreign dignitaries and visited the gallery that keeps the collection of gifts, awards and souvenirs presented to the Prime Minister.