Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) received a visit from 6 students from Chiba University and their Professor under Global Study Programme (GSP) in Melaka campus recently. GSP is a long term collaboration programme between MMU and Chiba University, Japan. The programme creates opportunities and platform for participants to expand their network as well as learn different types of on-going research on an international level.

For this year, the main topic is related to rehabilitation whereby MMU and Chiba University students shared their respective on-going research topics that are related to the topic. Other than that, they also collaborated on a project which involved the combination of ideas based on completed research. They also visited Tun Abdul Razak SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, Melaka to gain more insights on its vital role in providing treatment and services to the employees. Apart from academic-related activities, the delegates from Chiba University also experienced and learned more about the history of Malaysia and Melaka, the historical heritage city.