A total of 14 students and two faculty members namely Ms Suhana Mohamed Salleh and Ms Maria Valantine Rao from the Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) participated in an Outbound Mobility Programme. The programme was hosted by Universitas Telkom in Bandung recently.

During the two-week programme, the students were exposed to a short course on the Indonesian language, cultures and culinary. The activities in the class were unique and enjoyable where the Indonesian language was acquired through various activities such as learning the tourist destination, traditional clothes, and their musical instrument ‘Angklung’. The students were also introduced to modern Batik making (J-Batik), a digital Batik design application, which speeds up the process of creating batik. Besides that, students were mastered on how to sculpt and paint wooden dolls, attending ceramic class and making shadow puppets.

This mobility programme provided a unique opportunity for the students to acquire knowledge in the international setting of different cultures. Apart from in-house classes, they were also open to the elements of external educational experiences. Several visits were done and “Konferensi Asia-Afrikan Museum” was their very first destination. Secondly, the students also had the opportunity to visit Jaban Tribun News one of the local newspapers in Bandung and had interactive sessions with the reporters. The students were on the news the next day in their local newspaper which is TribunJabar. This collaboration has opened new doors for students, the universities, for both countries and hopefully, more similar exchange programmes can be created.