A total of 63 students from Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (SMJK) Katholik Melaka attended an environmental awareness programme on 13 November 2018. The programme was initiated by a group of lecturers from the Faculty of Business (FOB) and members of National Marketing Enrolment (NME) in exposing our young generation on the fragility of our environment and the importance of protecting it especially using environmental-friendly technologies.

The students were given a brief of presentation on “Making Green Connections via Technology” and followed by a group activity, which required them to brainstorm and present an environmental awareness campaign or a green technology concept. The students managed to present innovative concepts which surprised their own teachers. The FOB team also encouraged the teachers and students in promoting the environmental awareness by sharing their concepts in the school website, FB page and during assemblies. This informative and inspirational programme received positive feedback as the activities conducted have also helped to hone the teamwork, communication and presentation skills among the students.

Well done!