Four Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) students Koh Song Wei, Khoo Nee Yen, Matthew Low Wei Chien and Serena Lee Mei Ting which represented Multimedia University (MMU) as Team Maverick performed well to emerge as Second Runner Up in the Management Simulation Game. The game was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) that was held in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), recently.

The MICPA Management Simulation Game exposed students to the real competitive business environment by having the participants manage a company and make decisions in a simulated environment. Participants were required to develop game plans to ensure the company stays in the business for five rounds, with each year corresponding to a financial year.

Team Maverick found its momentum in the game and secured the Frog Leaper Award twice in the simulation, besides maintaining a top 5 position in every round. In the final round, the team went an extra mile by having more deliberations and precautions to counter the other companies. With these strategies, Maverick emerged as the second runner-up by a slim difference from the first runner-up and champion.

Koh Song Wei, the team leader of Maverick stated that representing the university was a great opportunity for them as it gave the opportunity in managing the business in a simulated environment that is highly competitive. Applying the knowledge and skills that they acquired in MMU, the team also expressed their appreciation to their mentors, Dr. Tan Pei Kian and Dr. Yip Yen Yen for their constant guidance and support throughout the entire journey.