MMU Business School in collaboration with Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) concluded a two-day ground breaking design thinking workshop with the participation of 22 members of MCMC, recently.
The issue being addressed by MCMC through this workshop was to come up with creative solutions of two major ‘pain-points’ faced by the organisation on a daily basis when carrying out their tasks as regulators which pertaining to operational efficiency and brand awareness issues.

The participants were introduced and exposed to the concept of design thinking for the first time, found to their surprise, how fast and easily they adapted and internalised the process of design thinking. The workshop managed to come up with several creative outcomes to help address the issue simplifying operational issues in addition to fostering ways to better position MCMC as a leading regulator in the industry.

Design Thinking presents a systematic way of injecting creativity and innovative thinking in any company. Design Thinking offers highly specific tools and techniques in a simplified manner. These tools are then used to derive the magical inspirational values of DT. DT is defined as a user-centric collaborative approach in problem solving. MMU Business School offers cutting edge Design Thinking approach based on our collaboration and expertise gained from Stanford’s in Palo Alto.