A total of 67 Diploma in Accounting and Diploma in Business Administration, Faculty of Business had successfully organised an awareness campaign entitled “Technological Advancement-Where should we draw the line?” at Melaka campus recently. The campaign was attended by Form 4 students from three schools namely SMK St. Francis Melaka, SMK Infant Jesus Convent and SMK Bukit Baru.

The main objective of the campaign is to enlighten the young generation on the current social issues regarding the technological advancement such as cybercrime, cyberbully, gaming addiction, screen dependency disorder, social media etiquette and selfie obsession. The facilitators, which were guided by the lecturers namely Ms. Nun Shwu Huey, Ms. Sharmila Rani Moganadas and Mr Vincent Chan, presented their findings to the participants in a fun and entertaining way. This campaign has also enriched and sharpened our students’ leadership, presentation, communication and event execution skills.