Multimedia University (MMU) has kicked off a new initiative helping its staff become more aware of its core values. The first phase involves appointing, training and deployment of 24 Customer Service Change Agents, also known as “CX Warriors.” The CX Warriors is a diverse volunteer group, comprising academics and non-academic, executives and non-executives. Introduced by Prof Datuk Dr. Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq during the Presidential Address in March 2018, their mission is to spread the word of excellent customer service among MMU citizens.

To prepare them for their roles, the CX Warriors went through customer service training at Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai, Perak recently.  The training was conducted by “Sifu” Mr. Mohd. Helmi and “Sifu” Mr. Mohd Haniff from the Customer Experience and Innovation (CXI) Department, TM Sdn Bhd.  The CX Warriors are already active, conducting sharing sessions with MMU executive and non-executives on how to boost up their service. As the year continues, the Warriors will be having more “Pep Talk” sessions with frontliners from every department and faculty.

Together, let us build a rock-solid MMU brand!