Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) had recently co-organised the 4th Global Study Programme (GSP) with Chiba University, Japan from 19 March 2018 until 2 April 2018. The GSP has been held every year since 2015 between Multimedia University (MMU) and Chiba University, specifically with their Engineering Department and International Student Office.

10 MMU undergraduate students were selected to partake in this outbound programme, whereby the nature of the course is usually serving the community from technological aspects. The theme for this year’s GSP is associated with Rehabilitation and Elderly Care, a continuation from the previous GSP. The students were brought to visit rehabilitation centres and hospitals in Japan. They were given assignments to contribute ideas in improving the system, process, facility and lifestyle from the Engineering perspective.

Despite the short period of the programme, our students presented practical solutions to solve some current issues and problems encountered by the care centres.  Smart wheelchair, fall detection system and health monitoring devices, were among those projects which our students presented in the form of working proposal and engineering drawings.

The ultimate objective of this programme is to enhance the ability of students to collaborate in different environment. GSP also offers a multidimensional education, which reflects the needs of internationalisation such as critical perspective on language and cultural knowledge, interdisciplinary and collaborative training as well as the tools to develop our active thinking capabilities. FET will continue to bring this programme to a greater height and explore other means of collaboration with Chiba University.