Diploma in Electronic Engineering new-icon

Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET)

(R2/523/4/0263) 01/25 (A5832)

Diploma in Electronic Engineering programme suits those who are interested in mainstream electronic design and support. This program is designed to provide a balanced curriculum in terms of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in learning electronics-related courses. Towards the end of the programme, students are to undergo Industrial Training in gaining real life working experience, and expected to design their own prototype in solving real life problems through the Final Year Project.

Upon completion of this Diploma in Electronic Engineering programme, students can opt to pursue further studies in Bachelor’s Degree programmes in Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) in Melaka campus or Faculty of Engineering (FOE) in Cyberjaya campus as well as to join the workforce in the industry as a qualified diploma graduate.

The programme is also recognized by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Council (ETAC) under Board of Engineers Malaysia. Graduates of this programme will qualify to apply for Inspector of Works (IoW) from BEM.


  • Entry Requirements
      1. Pass SPM/O-Level or its equivalent, with a minimum of Grade C in at least three (3) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and one Science/Technical/Vocational subject and a Pass in English; OR
      2. Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least three (3) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and one Science/Technical/Vocational subject and a Pass in English; OR
      3. Pass STPM or its equivalent, with a Pass in Mathematics, English AND one relevant Science/Technical/Vocational subject at the SPM Level or its equivalent; OR
      4. Recognised Certificate in Engineering/Engineering Technology or its equivalent; *
    • Note
    • *One (1) year of relevant experience or a minimum of one (1) trimester of bridging programme is required for recognised related Vocational and Technical / Skills Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Programme Structure
    • Core
      • Trimester 1
        • DEW5016 Engineering Workshop
          DEE5016 Electronics 1
          DCT5016 Circuit Theory
          DCP5016 Computer Applications
      • Trimester 2
        • DEM5046 Algebra & Trigonometry
          DEE5026 Electronics 2
          DEE5036 Digital Fundamental
      • Trimester 3
        • DEM5056 Calculus
          DEE5046 Electronics 3
      • Trimester 4
        • DEM5066 Engineering Mathematics
          DCP5026 Program Design
          DEE5056 Power Electronics
          DPM5026 Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Techniques
          DCT5026 Network Analysis
      • Trimester 5
        • DTM5016 Analog & Digital Communication
          DEE5066 Industrial Electronics
          DCA5036 Field Theory
          DCP5036 Microcontroller Technology
      • Trimester 6
        • DPT5026 Final Year Project (Part 1)
          DMH5016 Project Management
      • Trimester 7
        • DPT5016 Industrial Training
      • Trimester 8
        • DPT5026 Final Year Project (Part 2)
          DPM5016 Introduction to Machines & Power Systems
          DMH5026 Engineering in Society
    • Elective Modules (Choose 1 Subject)
      • DPM5036 Control Systems
        DBM5018 Business Management
        DMM5018 Introduction to Multimedia
        DBS5028 E-Commerce
    • University Subjects
      • Communication Skills – DEN5018 English, Business Communications in the Digital Age
        U1 – MPU2163 Pengajian Malaysia 2 (Local), MPU2133 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International)
        U2 – Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Any subjects in U2 (Local), Any subjects in U2 (International)
        U3 – MPU2312 Introduction to Cultural Practices in Malaysia, MPU2332 Fundamental of Islamic Leadership in Malaysia, Family and Society in Malaysia
        U4 – Co-Curriculum
  • Career Prospects
    • Electronic Technician, Process Engineering Assistant, Equipment Supervisor, Energy Engineering Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Systems Design Supervisor, Project Engineering Assistant, R&D Technician etc.