Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Communication (By Research) new-icon

Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC)

(N/321/8/0129)10/27 (MQA/PSA14086)

Doctor of Philosophy (Communication) is a new post-graduate research programme offered at the Faculty of Applied Communication, Multimedia University. This programme equips the students with advanced theoretical knowledge, and research skills in the various fields of communication (i.e. Corporate Communication, Strategic Communication, Media Studies, Digital Media Literacy, Advertising, Intercultural Communication, Public Relations etc.). Students enjoy a supportive, constructive and engaged supervision process offered by our experienced academics and researchers. With full access to specialised resources and excellent research facilities, they get to experience an incredible academic and research journey from attending research-intensive workshops and international conferences, and publishing research articles in international journals to winning research awards. Thus, this programme prepares a successful researcher, expert and/or next generation practitioners to fulfil the future needs of the profession in the field of

Scholarship Postgraduate (Malaysian)
Scholarship Postgraduate (International)

  • Field of Research
    • Corporate Communication
      Public Relations
      Health Communication
      Intercultural Communication
      Digital Media Literacy
      Advertising and Persuasion
      Strategic Communication
      Communication Related Area
  • Entry Requirements
      1. A Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) in the field or related fields accepted by the Senate; OR
      2. A Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) in non-related fields as accepted by the Senate, subject to having relevant working experience and rigorous internal assessment; OR
      3. A Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) in non-related fields as accepted by the Senate and without relevant working experience, subject to passing pre-requisite courses; OR
      4. A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 3.67 or equivalent in the field or related field from MMU or institutions recognised by the Senate can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment; OR
      5. Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree (Level 7, MQF) in the field recognised by Malaysian Government
    • English Entry Requirement:
      • Minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.0 or its equivalent*
      • *The equivalency table is as below:

      English Competency CEFR High
      CEFR Low
      CEFR Mid
      CEFR High
      MUET Band 3 Band 3 Band 4 Band 4
      IELTS 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5
      TOEFL iBT 42 46 60 79
      Pearson Test of English 47 51 59 63
      Cambridge English Qualifications and Test 154 160 169 176
      Linguaskill 154 160 169 176

      • In addition to the above, any other qualification which is of equivalent level as determined by the Senate of the University.

      • The English language requirement is waived for the candidates who are natives of and/or have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from countries that use English as the medium of instruction as well as the first language.

  • Programme Duration
    • Full-Time: Min. 3 years, Max. 5 years
    • Part-Time: Min. 4 years, Max. 7 years
  • Intake
    •  Throughout the year