Bachelor of Communication (Strategic Communication) (Hons)

Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC)

(N/321/6/0174) 04/20 (MQA/SWA4223)

The Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) (Strategic Communication) focuses on the development of creativity, innovation, analytical and practical knowledge as well as skills directed towards strategic applications of communication to societal issues and organisational objectives.


  • Entry Requirements
      1. Pass Matriculation / Foundation or its equivalent, with minimum CGPA 2.00 including a minimum of Grade C in English at SPM/O-Level or its equivalent; OR
      2. Pass STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GPA 2.00) in any two (2) subjects including a minimum of Grade C in English at SPM/O-Level or its equivalent; OR
      3. Pass A-Level with a minimum of Grade D in any two (2) subjects; OR
      4. Pass STAM with a minimum Grade Jayyid (Good) in two (2) subjects including a credit in SPM English or its equivalent; OR
      5. Pass UEC with a minimum of five (5) Bs including English; OR
      6. Pass a Diploma or its equivalent, with minimum CGPA 2.00 including a credit in English at SPM or its equivalent; OR
      7. Pass a Diploma in Media and Communication or its equivalent; OR
      8. Pass DKM/DLKM/DVM with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. Candidates with CGPA below 2.50 MUST have at least two (2) years of work experience in the related field.*


      *DKM /DLKM/DVM candidates may be required to undergo Bridging Programme as an additional requirement.

  • Programme Structure
    • Core
      • Year 1
        • Fundamentals of Strategic Communication
          Communication Theories
          Media Culture
          Fundamentals of English
          English for Academic Purposes
          Intercultural Communication
          Public Relations Strategies
          Social Media Strategies
          Stakeholder Management
          Media Law
          Media Publishing and Corporate Design
          Workplace Communication
      • Year 2
        • Semiotics Studies
          Strategic Thinking and Planning
          Professional Image and Etiquette
          Integrated Promotional Communication
          Multimedia Application for Communication
          Corporate Communication
          Communication Research Methodology
          Marketing Communication Strategies
          Corporate Writing
          Corporate Strategy
          Design Thinking for Strategic Communication
          Negotiation in Professional Contexts
      • Year 3
        • Crisis Communication Strategy
          Event Planning and Management
          Capstone Project
          Corporate Reputation Management
          Corporate Advertising
    • Elective Modules
      • Creative Writing
        Spanish Language 1
        French Language 1
        Japanese Language 1
        Creativity and Innovation
        Spanish Language 2
        French Language 2
        Korean Language 2
        Japanese Language 2
        Office Application for Professionals
        Spanish Language 3
        French Language 3
        Korean Language 3
        Japanese Language 3
        Consumer Trends
        Chinese Level 1
        Korean Language
        Becoming a Leader
        Chinese Level 2
        Corporate Training
        Chinese Level 3
    • University Subjects
      • Year 1
        Hubungan Etnik (Local Students)
        Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) (Local Students)
        Pengajian Malaysia 3 (International Students)
        Bahasa Malaysia Komunikasi 2 (International Students)
      • Year 2
        Entrepreneurship in Cross Border E-commerce
        Stress & Well-Being Among Malaysians
      • Year 3
        Bahasa Kebangsaan A/ Public Speaking
        Personal Social Responsibility
  • Career Prospects
    • Corporate Communication Professional, Journalist, Advertising and Sales Promotion Executive, Strategic Communication Programme Personnel, Corporate Communication Officer, Public Information Officer, Media Broadcaster, Communication Adviser, Public Relations Personnel, Publicity Consultant.