Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Digital Business Managementnew-icon new-icon

Faculty of Business (FOB)

(R3/0414/6/1050) 06/27 (A7961)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Digital Business Management programme is crucial to succeed in the future artificial intelligence driven workforce. This programme equips students with essential IT, business, marketing and management skills in shaping strategic direction for digital business transformation. Students are exposed to essential business analytics skills which are crucial for making rapid and accurate decisions in a hyper-competitive digital business world. This programme allows students to be exposed to cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to gain competitive advantage from artificial intelligence driven digitalization wave.

This programme offers courses that are SAP-certified and Microsoft-certified. SAP is a world-recognized Enterprise Resource Planning software certification, which is essential for the digital transformation of traditional business. Microsoft certification demonstrates to future employers that graduates from this programme are proficient in the specific real-world skills associated with digital business management roles.

This programme puts classroom learning into practice through I-cadetship. Academic lessons and I-cadetship will be complemented with real-life case studies, field trips, competitions, first-hand information from guest speakers and interactive teaching approaches that maximise learning outcomes.

Students would be guided by industry practitioners to solve problems that digital companies face. Through industrial attachment, industry-based assignments and industrial final year projects, students would be well prepared for better communication with business correspondence.

Upon graduation, students of this programme would be able to play a significant role in decision making to develop strategic digital business practices, redesign and streamline digital business management processes for the digital transformation of the organizations.


  • Entry Requirements
      1. Pass Foundation/ Matriculation studies with at least CGPA of 2.00 from a recognised institution; OR
      2. Pass STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematics and English at SPM Level or its equivalent; OR
      3. Pass A-Level with a minimum of Grade D in any two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematics and English at SPM Level or its equivalent; OR
      4. Pass STAM with a minimum of Grade Jayyid (Good) in two (2) subjects AND a Pass in Mathematic and English at SPM or its equivalent; OR
      5. Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least five (5) subjects inclusive of English OR a minimum of Grade C in SPM/O-Level English or equivalent;


      The requirement to Pass Mathematics and English Subjects at SPM Level can be waived should the qualifications contain Mathematics and English subjects with equivalent/ higher achievement.

      Malaysian students using English as the medium of instruction in their previous study or with at least Band 2 in MUET or equivalent can be exempted from a pass in English requirement.

      Those without a pass in Mathematics and/or English at SPM level or equivalent can be admitted but are required to attend special enhancement course(s). These special enhancement courses should be SPM equivalent, remedial in nature. Students must pass the Mathematics and English enhancement courses as a prerequisite to related core courses taught in English.

      (English subject requirement does not apply to international students since they are required to meet certain scores of international English examination and privileged with certain exemptions)

      * DKM/DLKM/DVM candidates may be required to undergo Bridging Programme as an additional requirement.

  • Programme Structure
    • Core
      • Year 1
        • • English for Business Communication
          • Understanding Management
          • Introductory Microeconomics
          • Fundamentals of Marketing
          • Financial Accounting for Managers
          • Quantitative Analysis Models for Business
          • Human Capital and Organisational Behaviour
          • Finance Management
          • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
          • International Business
          • Entrepreneurship and Ethical Practices
          • Business Risk Management
          • Innovation Management
      • Year 2
        • • Digital Business
          • Quality and Operations Management
          • Global Finance
          • Understanding Consumer
          • Business Application Development
          • Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
          • Introduction to Financial Technologies
          • Cybersecurity
          • Introductory Macroeconomics
          • Business Risk Management
          • Business Research Methods
          • Product and Service Marketing OR Promotional Marketing
          • International Trade and Policy OR International Economics
          • Supply Chain Management
          • Social Media and Digital Marketing
      • Year 3
        • • Business Information Systems
          • Management of Strategy
          • Strategic Management Information Systems
          • Project Management
          • Digital Business Management Research Project
          • Advanced Data Analytics for Businesses
          • Web and Mobile Applications Development
          • Industrial Training
    • Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) Subjects
      • U1 for Local Students
      • i. Falsafah dan Isu Semasa (Philosophy and Current Issues)
        ii. Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations)
      • U1 for International Students
      • i. Falsafah dan Isu Semasa (Philosophy and Current Issues)
        ii. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
      • U2/U3 for Local Students without credit in BM at SPM Level
      • i. Bahasa Kebangsaan A. If the student has taken this course before, he/she must take any other courses in the U2 or U3 category
        ii. Integrity and Leadership
      • U2/U3 for Local Students who obtained credit in BM at SPM Level
      • i. Integrity and Leadership
        ii. Any other courses in the U2 or U3 category
      • U2/U3 for Local Students who obtained credit in BM at SPM Level
      • i. Integrity and Leadership
        ii. Any other courses in the U2 or U3 category
      • U4 – Co-Curriculum
    • University Course
      • • Character Building
        • Sustainable Society
        • Philosophy and Current Issues
        • Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (International)
        • Bahasa Kebangsaan A
        • Integrity and Leadership
        • Co-curriculum
  • Career Prospects
    • Digital Communication Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Sales Manager, Digital Business Consultant, Project Manager, System Developer, Technology Manager, Chief Information Officer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Knowledge Analyst, Digital System Developer, Enterprise Portal Developer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Digital Content Creator, Social Media Analyst.