MMU Sustainability Policies

Declaration of Commitment (Energy)

Multimedia University (MMU) is a tertiary education institution that produces graduated students for the working environment. Energy consumption is an important element in providing a conducive and safe environment for students to study and for staff to work. The energy savings and efficiency are achieved by developing an Energy Management System without compromising the comfort and safety of students, staff, and guests. This policy is intended to ensure the minimum use of energy to produce maximum output and benefit for the university. The custodian of this policy is the Registered Electrical Energy Manager appointed by the University. In order to achieve this commitment, Multimedia University shall:

1.Improve energy efficiency performance continuously by implementing Energy Management System and Energy Saving Measures.

2.Ensure that the availability of resources is sufficient to achieve the energy objectives and energy targets.

3.Procure and use current and cost-effective green technologies throughout the campuses.

4.Educate, communicate, raise awareness, and motivate students and staff to practice energy saving.

5.Qualify for ratings and recognition from the relevant accrediting bodies.

6.Comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to energy.

Boundary: MMU Melaka and Cyberjaya Campuses.

The MMU Energy and Water Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the energy performance, assisted by the Registered Electrical Energy Manager. The committee will convene with relevant stakeholders to discuss energy performance and review energy-saving activities to ensure they meet the energy objectives and targets.

Note: This is part of our initiatives for Climate Action.

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Declaration of Commitment (Water)

Water supply is an essential element in ensuring the quality of learning and working experiences for students and staff within MMU’s campuses. It is the university’s responsibility to guarantee a sufficient supply of safe water for everyone’s consumption and optimization. This policy aims to ensure effective water management, provide quality water supply, and reduce wastage. The custodian of this policy is the Facilities Manager appointed by the University. In order to achieve these goals, Multimedia University shall:

1.Continuously improve water consumption efficiency by implementing the Water Policy.

2.Align with local and international sustainable initiatives, such as SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and 13 (Climate Action) (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).

3.Ensure the availability of resources to support the relevant goals.

4.Procure and utilize current and cost-effective water-saving technologies throughout the campuses, especially in critical areas such as toilets.

5.Use rainwater for non-essential purposes, such as plant watering and drain cleaning.

6.Educate, communicate, raise awareness, and motivate students and staff to practice water conservation.

Boundary:  MMU Melaka and Cyberjaya Campus.

The MMU Energy and Water Management Committee is responsible for overseeing water efficiency practices, assisted by the Facility Manager. The management will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to discuss water consumption performance and review water-saving activities to ensure they meet the objectives and targets.

Note: This is part of our initiatives for Climate Action.

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Declaration of Commitment

(Usage of Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Container)

The management of MMU encourages business premise operators to use eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers.

Hence, all business premise operators within MMU campuses are strongly encouraged to use eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers. The eco-friendly and non-biodegradable food and drink containers available in the market include, among others but not limited to:

1.Eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers made of tapioca.

2.Eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers made of rice husk.

3.Eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers made of coconut coir.

4.Eco-friendly biodegradable food and drink containers made of palm cake.

All business premise operators will be notified of this commitment, and engagement sessions with operators will be carried out from time to time to facilitate the transition.

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TM CODE of Conduct & Business Ethics

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Declaration of Commitment (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

At Multimedia University (MMU), we embrace diversity, strive for equity, and foster inclusion. We believe that a diverse workforce and student community, representing a range of backgrounds and perspectives, enhances our creativity, innovation, and overall success. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for growth, advancement, and recognition to all employees and students, regardless of their diverse characteristics or identities. Our goal is to create an inclusive work and learning environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences. We believe that by embracing diversity, ensuring equity, and promoting inclusion, we can build a stronger, more vibrant organization and society that thrives on the collective strength of our differences.

This Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement outlines our commitment and approach to achieving these goals:

  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Inclusive Work and Learning Environment
  • Professional and Educational Development and Training
  • Equal Pay and Benefits for Staff
  • Non-Discrimination and Harassment Prevention for all Activities and Processes.

The TM Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CBE) serves as the primary policy and set of guidelines we use to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations in our services and operations.

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Declaration of Commitment

(Compliance to all the relevant Malaysian Employment related Laws and Regulations)

At Multimedia University (MMU), we are committed to upholding and complying with all Malaysian employment-related laws and regulations. We treat our employees fairly and with respect, ensuring equal opportunities and protecting their rights. We maintain a safe and healthy work environment, free from harassment and discrimination. Our commitment to compliance extends to fair compensation, employee privacy, and the maintenance of accurate records. We provide training and education to promote awareness and understanding of employment laws. Reporting violations and non-retaliation are encouraged and supported. By prioritizing compliance, we aim to create a workplace that fosters trust, integrity, and the well-being of our employees.

The MMU Human Capital Management Division is responsible for providing supports and services to all staff members, ensuring a harmonious and conducive working environment by complying with legal requirements.

The TM Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CBE) serves as the primary policy and set of guidelines we use to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations in our services and operations.

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Declaration of Commitment

(Sustainable Procurement and Purchasing)

Multimedia University is committed to environmental stewardship by maintaining sustainable procurement and purchasing practices that promote and encourage the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible products by its vendors. To this end, all Vendors undertake to comply with the following:

  1. The Vendor recognises and understands UTSB’s (Multimedia University) commitment to conduct its business in a manner that aligns with the principle of sustainable development and adheres to internationally and/or locally recognised fundamental standards for occupational health and safety, environmental protection, labour and human rights (of everyone who will be impacted by the Vendor’s operations, including its personnel, employees, sub-Vendor and surrounding communities) as well as responsible corporate governance (“ESG Principles”).
  2. In addition to the provisions stipulated in regards with Integrity, Fair Tax Liabilities, Environmental Matters, Dangerous Goods, Occupational Safety and Health and Antiquities and Fossils, the Vendor undertakes that it shall conduct its business with due diligence, in an efficient and responsible manner adhering fully to ESG Principles, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with ESG Principles throughout the Agreement Period.
  3. The Vendor represents and warrants that as at the commencement of the Agreement with MMU, it has not been fined and/or convicted of any offence in contravention of ESG Principles, nor has it been the subject of any investigation, inquiry or enforcement proceedings regarding any offence or alleged offence of or in connection with the contravention of ESG Principles.
  4. As part of MMU’s (UTSB) commitment to environmentally-sustainable procurement and purchasing, The Vendor shall:(a) at the request of UTSB, provide UTSB with any and all necessary documents and/or information pertaining to its activities and compliance with requirements relevant to the ESG Principles;(b) notify UTSB of any suspected or actual material non-compliance with the ESG Principles immediately and in any event, no later than five (5) business days, from the date of discovery of such non-compliance, providing a reasonably detailed description of such non-compliance including an account of the expected consequences and/or damage resulting therefrom. The Parties recognise that whether a violation of the ESG Principles would amount to “material non-compliance” can be subjective in its very nature. Therefore, the Vendor is obliged to proactively engage with UTSB to discuss the materiality of any and all non-compliance;(c)  immediately take steps to remedy any non-compliance, and if necessary, engage at its own expense, the services of an   appropriately qualified environmental, social and governance consultant or other qualified professional to investigate the non-compliance and advise the Vendor on a corrective action plan;(d) take appropriate action to ensure that it stays abreast with and understand the sustainability issues relevant to the Vendor and its business; and(e) proactively keep UTSB (MMU) informed of any development in its business and/or portfolios which may materially impact its compliance with the ESG Principles.
  5. Throughout the period of agreement, the Parties may periodically engage in meaningful dialogue in furtherance of their commitment to the ESG Principles.
  6. The vendor shall consider the environmental impact of its products / services, prioritising environmentally-responsible materials and technology. The Vendor should comply with globally accepted environmental standards, such as the standards of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications (ITU-T), European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), where applicable.

The TM Group Procurement Letter of Award (LOA) Agreement with vendors serves as the source of these policy statements

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