MMU Ongsome Reward


Terms and Conditions

  1. This reward is ONLY VALID and shall be rewarded to new Malaysian students who enrol in MMU March 2023 intake.
  2. Only those who accept MMU’s offer from 19 Dec 2022 – 26 March 2023 will be granted this reward.
  1. Only the FIRST 100 students who complete the acceptance process using UEC results as entry requirement shall be eligible to be rewarded.
  2. The reward is given based on the following: (Each student will only be eligible for one REWARD)

        Any Diploma programmes



         Any Bachelor’s Degree Programmes




·         B.IT (Hons) (Information Systems)

·         B.IT (Hons) (Business Intelligence & Analytics)

·         B.MM. (Hons) Visual Effects

·         Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Analytical Economics ( Hons)

·         Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

·         BBA(Hons) Banking & Finance




·         B.Eng(Hons) Electrical

·         B.Eng(Hons) Electronics

·         B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring Computer

·         B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in  Telecommunication

·         B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in Robotics & Automation

·         B.Eng(Hons) Mechanical

·         Bachelor of Science (Bioinformatics)

·         Bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Business & Knowledge Management (Hons)


  1. This reward is also VALID for students introduced by any MMU Recruitment Agencies.
  2. Students who would like to claim the reward are required to complete this form (, indicating your name, ID & date of acceptance.
  3. Eligible students will receive the reward either through a deduction from the first-trimester programme fee or in the form of vouchers and will be notified through WA or email.
  4.  The decision to reward is at the sole discretion of the University.
  5. For further information, email