MMU Fun Chit-Chat

Want a glimpse of the university experience? What else happens apart from lectures and exams? Are MMU students bookworms, cool or both?

Find out for yourself by joining our virtual event (IN MANDARIN) to hear from our own student leaders!

Book your free seat today at and enjoy the following during the virtual event :
#Live Interaction
#Games with prizes
#RM20 to RM60 Grabpay credits

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想知道大学的经历吗? 除了上课和考试之外,还会有什么呢? 让我们看看多媒体大学学生是如何平衡他们在校园里的社交生活吧!


立即在 预订你的免费座位,并在虚拟活动期间享受以下内容:
🎯 社交互动
🎯 有奖游戏
🎯 获得RM20 至 RM60 Grabpay 金额