Bachelor of Law (Hons.)

Faculty of Law

(R/380/6/0022) 06/19 (A3145)

This four – seven years’ programme offers Law students a robust understanding of the system of rules that are enforced through social institutions especially in Malaysia.

Students are familiarised with the fundamentals, characteristics, methodology, specialisations, practices, policies and the revolution of law in local and international landscape. The programme encompasses various branches of legal practice, providing exposure in a comprehensive range of areas.


  • Entry Requirements
    • • Pass Foundation / Matriculation from a recognised institution, and pass SPM with 5 credits, inclusive Bahasa Malaysia; OR
    • • Pass STPM / A level or its equivalent with 3 Principals and pass SPM with 5 credits, inclusive Bahasa Malaysia; OR
    • • Pass Diploma in related field from a recognised institution and pass SPM with 5 credits, inclusive Bahasa Malaysia.
    • • A minimum score of band 4 in MUET.*
      *Candidates not meeting this requirement may subjected to an internal review process.
  • Programme Structure
    • Core
      • Year 1
        • Malaysian Legal System
          Constitutional Law I
          Contract Law I
          Legal Method
          Contemporary Management and Entrepreneurship
          Legal Skills
          Constitutional Law II
          Contract Law II
          Family Law
      • Year 2
        • Criminal Law I
          Law of Torts I
          Islamic Law I
          Intellectual Property Law
          Criminal Law II
          Law of Torts II
          Islamic Law II
      • Year 3
        • Land Law I
          Company Law I
          Public International Law
          Equity and Trust I
          Land Law II
          Company Law II
          Equity and Trusts II
          Law of Succession
          Legal Attachment
      • Year 4
        • Civil Procedure I
          Criminal Procedure I
          Law of Evidence I
          Professional Practice I
          Conveyancing Practice
          Civil Procedure II
          Criminal Procedure II
          Law of Evidence II
          Professional Practice II
          Law of Insolvency
          Civil Trial Advocacy
          Criminal Trial Advocacy
          Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
    • Elective Modules
      • Year 1
        Elective I
        Elective II
      • Year 2
        Elective III
        Elective IV
        Elective V
      • Year 3
        Elective VI

    • Elective Subjects
      • Administrative Law
      • Conflict of Laws
      • Consumer Law
      • Environmental Law
      • Evidence and Procedure in Syariah Court
      • Human Rights Law
      • International Trade and Shipping Law
      • Islamic Banking and Finance Law
      • Islamic Constitutional Law
      • Islamic Family Law
      • Labour Law
      • Law and Economics
      • Law of Banking
      • Revenue Law
    • University Subjects
      • Subject to be offered by FAC and STAD.
      • Year 1
        U3 – Introduction to Multicultural Studies in Malaysia/Stress and Well-Being among Malaysians/Islamic Institution in Malaysia
        U1 -Hubungan Etnik/ Pengajian Malaysia 3/Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)
      • Year 2
        U4 – Co-curriculum
        U2 – Bahasa Kebangsaan A/Foreign Language
        U1 -Hubungan Etnik Pengajian Malaysia 3/Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)