Multimedia University | Diploma in Electronic Engineering

Diploma in Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET)

(R/523/4/0203) 01/20 (A5832)

This course suits those who are interested in mainstream electronic design and support. The diploma programme is designed to provide students with a good understanding of the electronics-related fields as well as offer opportunities to undergo practical training in the industry to obtain hands-on experience in the final year projects.

After completion of the diploma programme, you can opt for a related degree programme from either Faculty of Engineering (FOE) or Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET).


  • Entry Requirements
    • • Pass SPM/O-Level or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C in at least three (3) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and one Science/Technical/Vocational subject and a Pass in English; OR
    • • Pass UEC with a minimum of Grade B in at least three (3) subjects inclusive of Mathematics and one Science/Technical/Vocational subject and a Pass in English; OR
    • • Pass STPM or its equivalent with a Pass in Mathematics, English AND one relevant Science/Technical/Vocational subject at the SPM Level or its equivalent; OR
    • • Recognised Certificate in Engineering/Engineering Technology or its equivalent; *
    • *One (1) year of relevant experience or a minimum of one (1) trimester of bridging programme is required for recognised related Vocational and Technical / Skills Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Programme Structure
    • Core
      • Trimester 1
        • DEW5016 Engineering Workshop
          DEE5016 Electronics 1
          DCT5016 Circuit Theory
          DCP5016 Computer Applications
      • Trimester 2
        • DEM5046 Algebra & Trigonometry
          DEE5026 Electronics 2
          DEE5036 Digital Fundamental
      • Trimester 3
        • DEM5056 Calculus
          DEE5046 Electronics 3
      • Trimester 4
        • DEM5066 Engineering Mathematics
          DCP5026 Program Design
          DEE5056 Power Electronics
          DPM5026 Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Techniques
          DCT5026 Network Analysis
      • Trimester 5
        • DTM5016 Analog & Digital Communication
          DEE5066 Industrial Electronics
          DCA5036 Field Theory
          DCP5036 Microcontroller Technology
      • Trimester 6
        • DPT5026 Final Year Project (Part 1)
          DMH5016 Project Management
      • Trimester 7
        • DPT5016 Industrial Training
      • Trimester 8
        • DPT5026 Final Year Project (Part 2)
          DPM5016 Introduction to Machines & Power Systems
          DMH5026 Engineering in Society
    • Elective Modules (Choose 1 Subject)
      • DPM5036 Control Systems
        DBM5018 Business Management
        DMM5018 Introduction to Multimedia
        DBS5028 E-Commerce
    • University Subjects
      • Communication Skills – DEN5018 English, Business Communications in the Digital Age
        U1 – MPU2163 Pengajian Malaysia 2 (Local), MPU2133 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International)
        U2 – Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Any subjects in U2 (Local), Any subjects in U2 (International)
        U3 – MPU2312 Introduction to Cultural Practices in Malaysia, MPU2332 Fundamental of Islamic Leadership in Malaysia, Family and Society in Malaysia
        U4 – Co-Curriculum