Karnival Kelantan

Apa yang dapat diperolehi daripada Karnival:

  • Pendedahan kepada pelajar sekolah menengah terutamanya lepasan SPM kepada pelbagai kerjaya masa hadapan dan menggilap kemahiran berkomunikasi, khususnya Bahasa Inggeris.
  • Memperkenalkan kepada para pelajar kemahiran masa hadapan seperti pemikiran kreatif, “tech-savvy”, kemahiran analisis analitikal dan aktiviti digital melalui pelbagai bengkel, demo dan sesi konsultasi bersama pensyarah MMU, Yayasan Universiti Multimedia, Yayasan Telekom Malaysia, MARA serta PTPTN.



Sila isi https://bit.ly/karnivalkerjayafuturistikkelantan untuk memilih slot dan bengkel yang ingin dihadiri.

Slot Bengkel:
– 2.00 petang hingga 2.45 petang
– 2.45 petang hingga 3.30 petang
– 3.30 petang hingga 4.15 petang

Setiap slot terdiri daripada bengkel – bengkel tersebut:
Image Management
LIfE Workshop: Descriptions: Dining Etiquette, Dress Code 👔 👗 & Colours. Basic Dining/ Handling Starter, Main Course, Dessert 🍨. Business Formal & Casual Attire. Powerful vs powerless dressing. Colours to look powerful, energetic, fresh, grand and elegant


ADR Recording (Automated Dialogue Replacement – Process of Dialog Dubbing)
Introduction to the Art of Automated Dialogue Replacement: Welcome to the ADR Recording Workshop, where participants will embark on a journey to learn the basic art of Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) – a crucial technique in the world of film and television production.
ADR is the process of re-recording dialogue in a controlled environment to enhance or replace the original audio captured on set. This technique allows filmmakers to fix audio issues, improve performance delivery, or synchronize dialogue with visual elements accurately. ADR is an essential tool in creating seamless and immersive audiovisual experiences.
In this hands-on workshop, participants will gain valuable insights into the intricate world of ADR recording. The instructors will guide attendees through the various stages of the ADR process, highlighting best practices, techniques, and industry-standard tools.


Scratch Programming – Unplugged
Block programming unplugged: aMAZEing is a workshop that uses block-based coding to help students comprehend programming concepts without the need of a computer. Block-based coding is a simple programming language designed to encourage students to learn the fundamentals of computational thinking. Animations and games may be produced using block-based programming, which employs visual blocks that contain instructions. A variety of different blocks are used in block-based programming to perform different key coding functions. It offers a user-friendly approach to programming, making it more accessible and engaging for beginners and non-programmers to learn and create program. At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to solve a maze game when they combine these blocks together.


Wireless Power Transmission
Power wireless transmission using coil, where the inductive energy can be transmitted from a transmitter coil to the receiver coil through an oscillating magnetic field. In this project, the students can turn on the LED without connect it directly to the battery.


Mind Yourself
Mind your Idea in Map: Mind mapping is a visual technique that helps organize and connect ideas. It involves creating a central concept or topic and branching out to related subtopics or thoughts. By using diagrams or maps, mind mapping stimulates the brain’s creative thinking and enhances memory retention. It allows for a non-linear representation of information, promoting holistic understanding and enabling the identification of relationships between concepts. Mind maps can be used for brainstorming, note-taking, problem-solving, planning, and learning. They provide a structured yet flexible approach to capturing and organizing thoughts, making complex ideas more accessible and facilitating effective communication and decision-making.


FCA: Screening an FYP film
– Discussion about the production of the film. (Behind – the – scenes)
– A brief guide to film crew positions and how they work together to create a film. (Role descriptions explained)


DEMO: 12pm – 4pm
Orang ramai dapat melihat pelbagai demo seperti:
– Dining Ettiquite
– Foley Recording
– Game Design
– Robotcars
– Three – Point – Lighting (A Basic Lighting & Camera Setup)