Inquire, Inspire and Innovate


The Centre for Teaching and Learning seeks to support excellence in teaching and learning, as well as development of the scholarship of teaching and learning in MMU that fosters significant, lifelong learning; transforms minds positively through knowledge; enhances the practice and profession of teaching, and brings recognition and reward to teaching.

Faced with a new generation of increasingly diverse millennial/digital student population, latest communication technologies, and changing educational priorities, educators need to learn how best to engage students in learning that matters.

In this transformation educators may have to document what they do, engage in sustained inquiry into their teaching practice and their students learning , gather evidence, build and share knowledge to improve practice and publish.

A scholarship of teaching will entail a public account of some or all of the full act of teaching-vision, design, enactment, outcomes, and analysis-in a manner susceptible to critical review by the teachers professional peers and amenable to productive employment in future work by members of that same community

(Shulman, in The Course Portfolio, 1998, p. 6).

Vision and Mission of CTL

Vision: An excellent resource centre for innovative, ‘just in time’ teaching and learning in the 21 century.

Mission: Provide excellent teaching and learning consultations and training to all academia by:

1. Promoting innovative teaching and learning in MMU with creation of new learning environments and opportunities where communication, collaborations, resource sharing, and creativity are encouraged in ways that positively impact student learning.

2. Providing training and expertise in Blending teaching and learning skills with educational technology for learning efficacy.

3. Changing mindset of teaching / learning for the 21 century and beyond.

4. Supporting and enhancing learning activities and assessment strategies that have proven over time to be effective pedagogical practices.

5. Promoting good practice by providing services (e learning Portal) and programmes (Professional Academia Development Programmes) to support the educational development activities of individuals and academic units.

6. Foster and sustain quality and effective teaching /learning practice in MMU with exposure to frequent innovative and sound pedagogic courses.

7. Develop and nurture a culture of collaborative academic community that places special commitment and pride in teaching and learning excellence through online collaborative tools e.g. Google Drive.

8. Encouraging Reflective teaching and Action research through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Excellence.

9. Engage, develop and nurture wholesome and knowledgeable students who are responsible for their learning and hence contribute positively to society and country.

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