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CHECK-IN PROCEDURE (Melaka & Cyberjaya campus)

1. First, students have to settle their hostel prepayment and hostel deposit at the Finance Counter.

2. The receipt will have to be shown at the STAD counter as proof of payment.

3. Students will then be registered and allotted rooms.

4. A small receipt mentioning their room number will have to be shown at the Key Counter for collection of room keys.

5. STAD officers will accompany students to their rooms.

6. Students will sign an Inventory Acknowledgement Form upon entering the room, witnessed by the officer accompanying them.

7. The Residential Unit will generate an invoice for hostel fees according to student’s length of stay.

8. Students will be required to settle the invoice at the end of each trimester.


The prepayment amount for long trimester is RM200.00 and the short trimester is RM100.00. This amount should be paid at the beginning of each trimester.

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE (Melaka & Cyberjaya Campus)

1. Students need to obtain the check-out form from the Residential Unit Officer

2. Students will fill-in the check out form and submit to the Residential Unit Officer

3. Hostel Officer will accompany students to their rooms for inventory checking.

4. Students with satisfactory rooms will sign the Inventory Acknowledgement Form witnessed by STAD officer upon moving out.

5. Student will surrender their room keys to the Residential Unit Officer

HOSTEL VACATING PROCEDURE (Melaka & Cyberjaya Campus)

1. Students who wish to check-out from their current hostel room are to fill in the ‘Hostel’s check-out Form’ available from the hostel office.

2. Upon registering to check-out and returning of room key, room inspection will be carried out. A fine of RM50.00 will be imposed on each individual who leaves his or her room in an unsatisfactory condition.

3. For any damage done to the room or furniture, the room occupants are to pay for the maintenance cost incurred.

4. Student who is found returning room keys which do not belong to his/her registered room will be fined and the application to stay in the hostel for the following trimester will not be entertained.

5. Returning of room keys at the end of the trimester must be done at the Residential Office during office hours (8.30 am – 5.00 pm) and the extended hours as stated below. No consideration will be given out of the stipulated time. Should we find students not returning their key at the time given, we shall assume that the students have not checked-out at all. Hostel office will continue generating their invoice and the students mentioned will be fined.


(HB3 Office - CYBERJAYA, Hostel Office in F1 - MELAKA)

1) During academic session

Monday – Friday = 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

2) For trimester break (the first five days of the break)

Monday – Friday = Extend hour starting from 8.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

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