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Aedes Prevention Exercise

On 30th September 2013, the Aedes Prevention team carried out an Aedes Prevention Exercise at the Executive Apartment (EA2), MMU-Cyberia walkway and Hostel Block (HB2). The exercise was attended by 17 participants led by Ms. Rozalini Ahmad and OSHE staff with the aid of other personnel from Facilities Management Department, Student Affairs Division, Corporate Communications Unit, Multimedia Support Unit, Security Department, and Faculty of Computing and Informatics.

The areas of inspection include drains, toilets, surroundings, garbage bins, water traps, and hose reel rooms. During the inspection the team found larvae inside covered drains at EA2 and proceed to apply abate to destroy the aedes breeding area. Upon lifting drain covers, the team discovered rubbish and left over debris clogging the water way that caused stagnation which contributed to the breeding of larvae. The team then proceeded to clear and wash off the stagnated water with a fire hose and collected the debris as well as removed the rubbish.

After completing the exercise at EA2, the team proceeded to inspect HB2 because there were several suspected dengue cases reported. All levels from level 4 to the ground floor were inspected which covers all toilets, water traps, taps, toilet bowls, corridor and hose reel rooms.

Aedes Breeding Areas

Generally, aedes mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus breed in areas which have stagnant clear water, properly shaded areas such as drains, flower pots, water storage tank, uncovered toilet flush tank, toilet bowl, rubbish bin, polystyrene, and used cups to name a few.

Dengue symptoms

The symptoms include high fever (more than 380C), sore throat, vomiting and loss of appetite, joint pains, nose and bleeding gums.

Precautionary measures

  1. Clear all water containersPractice cleanliness and good housekeeping
  2. Use aerosol spray
  3. Report any clogged drains to local authority
  4. Get immediate treatment when dengue symptoms starts to show

Actions to be taken by MMU

  1. Bi-weekly inspection by the Aedes Prevention Team at MMU vicinity
  2. Periodic checks by assigned staff at hostels, apartments, faculties and office buildings
  3. Fogging exercise to be supervised closely by FMD personnel
  4. OSHE will update information on dengue alert via mass mail, website and Facebook page
  5. OSHE will provide training to building cleaners, landscape operators, food court vendors, MMU staff and students

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