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Account Receivable is one of the units under Finance Division. Major function of this unit is to liaise directly with students on collection and refund. Below are functions and policy for AR unit:

Major functions for AR:

* Collection and updating of students fees both from sponsors and students.
* Collections and updating of general invoices payments.
* Processing of students deposit refund.
* Consultancy and inquiry about payments.

Student's Invoice

The invoices for student are namely Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Insurance, Library, It Services and Student Trust Fund (STF).

Tuition Fees and Hostel Fees will be generated on the third week of every trimester. Library fee and IT Services fees are also charged on trimester basis as long as student’s status remains as ‘Active’. Insurance and STF will be invoiced once per academic year. Student may view in the Financial Infokiosk the amount to be paid for the particular trimester. Please ensure that Financial Infokiosk is checked regularly and that the tuition fees are correct.

Kindly be reminded that the figures and balances shown in the Financial Infokiosk are deemed correct unless Finance Division is notified of any discrepancy within 14 days.

Add/Drop Period and Subject Withdrawals

  • For the first two weeks, student may add or drop the subjects without any charges.
  • If student withdraw a subject on the third week, 25% of the subject cost will be charged.
  • For withdrawal on the fourth and fifth week, 50% of the subject cost will be charged.\
  • From the sixth week onwards, 100% of the subject cost will be charged if you withdraw any subject.

Tuition Fees Payment

You can pay your tuition fees once it is available in the Financial Infokiosk. You are to ensure that all fees are paid before your examination week started. Failure to pay your fees would cause you to be barred from sitting for the examination.

General Debtors Invoice

Invoices generated meant for any payment to be made payable to Multimedia University. Normally, this is for income derived from Consultancies and Short Courses rendered to external and also internal parties. Request for invoice to be generated is with an application letter to be sent to Finance Department. Details to be included in the letter are:-

  1. Debtors Company's Name and Address
  2. Amount to be charged
  3. Account Code

Mode of Payments:

We offer various mode of the payment in order to give better services to all MMU student:

  • Internet Banking :
    1. CIMBClicks -
    2. Maybank2u -
    3. FPX through Clicks Shoppe : a convinience way to pay your fees from other banks such as Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank, Public Bank or RHB Bank. Just provide your Student ID, Name, IC Number and amount, then follow the instruction.
    Go to FPX - Clicks Shoppe to make payment.
  • Credit Card – available at Finance counter only
  • Bank Draft/Postal Order/Money Order
  • Cash for payment less or equal RM100.00

Finance Counter:

We are available from:

Monday – Thursday: 9:00AM -5:00PM

Friday: 9:00AM-12:30PM

: 2:30PM-5:00PM

Refund Policy:

  • Active Students – No refund is allowed for excess or overpayment made to the University
  • Non Active Students – Refund of deposit and excesses or overpayment can only be made upon settlement of all outstanding fees. The process to make a refund, students must provide us CIMB or Maybank account number and it takes 14 working days to clear into students account.

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