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The Vice President of Academic (VPA) oversees the university’s 7 faculties, 1 graduate school, 2 academic centres and 4 academic supports and services units. The core responsibilities of the VPA could be categorised into five main areas which are programmes, students, academic staff, academic resources, and academic quality. The VPA is responsible in ensuring the quality of programmes offered and graduates produced by MMU. The scope of his responsibilities includes academic strategy planning, budget management, academic related rules and regulations, examination processes and quality assurance.

In supporting the vision of the university, it is the responsibility of the VPA to plan and drive the academic strategic plans and to determine the yearly academic KPIs to ensure achievement of the university’s goals. The VPA also plays a significant role in all the major committees and councils in the university such as Senate, Dean Council and Management Committee; he is also the Chairman for the Academic Development Committee , Staff Development Committee, Melaka Management Committee and I.T. Council.

Prof. Dr. Ong Duu Sheng

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