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Any staff who wishes to terminate his/her service from the University has to tender his/her notice as follows :

Staff Category

Required Notice

Permanent and Confirmed

Three (3) Month Notice

Permanent but Not Confirmed

One (1) Month Notice

Contract Executive

Three (3) Month Notice

Contract Non-Executive

One (1) Month Notice

Staff who has not given the required notice of resignation will have to pay for the insufficient notice before leaving the University.

Staff who has tendered his/her resignation will have to complete the following form before leaving the University, failure which the Acceptance of Resignation Letter will not issued out to the staff concerned.

(i) Leave Balance
(ii) Resignation Checklist
(iii) Exit Questionnaire


Upon contract expiry/retirement, staff will be required to do the following :

(i) Complete the Leave Balance, Resignation Checklist and Exit Questionnaire Forms
(ii) Submit the Tax Clearance Form to the Inland Revenue Board Office (for expatriate and retirement cases)

Contract Expiry or Retirement Letter will be issued out once the above forms have been submitted to Human Capital Management Division.

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