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In its effort to be a premier University that excels in its academic, research and teaching line Multimedia University understands that staff’s compensation and benefit have to be designed, structured and managed effectively as to retain the staff who will contribute towards achieving this vision. In view of this, the Service Unit of the Human Resource Division has been initiated so as to ensure that the Compensation and Benefit Package offered to the staff is effective, attractive and comprehensive to retain and motivate staff to work towards the success of the University.


Compensation and benefit can best defined as the complete reward/recognition package for employees, including all forms of money, benefits, perquisites, services and in-kind payments. Compensation and Benefit Package of the University is designed and structured mainly to attract, retain, and motivate employees towards achieving the University’s vision and mission. All compensation and benefit programs have to be administered effectively in responds to the employee needs, and focuses on the employer’s objectives.

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