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Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) is the public relations arm of Multimedia University, which handles a wide array of clients and is involved in various external and internal public relations activities. It seeks to satisfy the Universitys needs in the most economically viable way. The key strategic roles embodied in the mission statement have been developed to further enhance the Universitys position among the leading research Universities regionally and globally.

CCU main job scope include:

  • Advicing other divisions and students in applying the correct MMU logo and tagline on their marketing collaterals, bunting, banners, and documents in order to maintain a high branding standard
  • Approving branding (proper usage of the MMU logo andtagline) on all marketing collaterals
  • Ensure information on the website is frequently updated
  • Help to organise, coordinate and handle student and staff events
  • Entertaining Visits by other Universities, Embassies and the Ministry
  • Engage and build strong relationships with the media in order to ensure MMU gets the proper media coverage

*For more detailed information, kindly go to each respective unit.

Mission & Vision

The Corporate Communications Unit’s mission is to provide extensive coverage, and to promote publicity on the successful development of wealth of resources in education and training.

At the same time, Corporate Communications Unit strives to project the University as a world-class institution, capable of standing on par with other internationally acclaimed tertiary educational institutions of the highest calibre.

To be the key division that provides commitment to excellence, with a balance of values, expectations, concerns, priorities and morale, in its strive to achieve its mission of projecting Multimedia University as the centre for educational excellence domestically and internationally.

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