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Student events are advised in terms of Protocol, Brand Guidelines and Press Related events. In Event Management, CCU is only involved in advising in student events that are receiving VIPs as their guest.

When to get CCU involved?

CCU will be involved ONLY when your event involves:

  1. External Guests – Ministry, Ambassadors, CEOs, Directors, Deans, Rectors
  2. Internal Guests – President, Board Of Directors, Pro-Chancellor, Tun Chancellor
  3. External Press for press coverage of your event

Before Event

1. Committees MUST Attend the CCU Workshop (Held every Semester)

2. Organizing Your Events

a. All documents MUST be sent in to STAD, STAD will then release a Notification Letter to CCU along with your documents.

b. ALL materials which needs editing/approval needs to be sent at least 2 weeks before the event.

c. ALL Publicity materials MUST be sent to CCU (through STAD) for layout checking and vetting

d. All letters to VIPs need to be approved and sent out to VIPs 2 months before the event

e. Protocol

i. Coordination meetings should be made AT LEAST 2 weeks before the event

Do bring:

- Tentative Programme, Backdrop Design, Montage, Floor Plan, Souvenir Design, Menu, Programme Booklet, Note to Editor, Press Release, Seating Arrangements, Opening Gimmick

ii. A run-through of the event should be made at least 24 hrs before the event

- ALL related committees should be present

- An acting VIP should be present

- Usherers should be ready at post and should know their roles

- Emcee/s MUST be present with full script

- Mock souvenir for prize/souvenir giving ceremony (if any)

- Items for VIP to be ready (Trays + Tray Cloth, Goblets, Cups, Table Cloths, Table Tagging, Seat Tagging etc.)

f. Useful Samples

i. Event Management Slides (OMS)

ii. Event Checklist

iii. Letters

iv. Floor Plan/Seating Layout

v. Tentative Programme/Agenda

vi. Brand Guidelines

vii. Press Related Materials

During Event

1. Make sure:

a. VIP room is cleaned and air-conditioners are switched on at least 2 hrs before event.

b. VIP room has refreshments (Drinks - Cordial/Mineral Water) and Snacks (Peanuts, Sweets, Cakes) ready.

c. Red Carpets can ONLY be used if VIPs are Ministers/Ambassadors.

d. Caterers are ready at least ½ hr before the estimated refreshment time.

e. Make sure Press Registration Table is available with Press Registration List and Press Kit (If Press Invited).

2. CCU will be present to advise and provide guidance to the students (based on availability)

Post Event

1. Do send/fax a copy of the press release to the Invited Press who are unable to cover/attend your event along with photos. (if any)

2. Do call for a post mortem meeting after the event to record mistakes to ensure that it will not be repeated again by the next organizing committee members.

3. A report should be made to be given to CCU and STAD.

Should you have any inquiries, do drop an email to or call me at 603 8312 5123

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