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The year 2015 is almost ending. Now would be a perfect time to reflect on initiatives that have been caried out, the journey that we have gone through and looking forward to the future.

Business in Malaysia is on the move, as usual. The clients keep coming to Multimedia University to see us and talk about business. Applications or proposals are handed over to us with smiles, no doubt that our clients are strong enough and from their faces we know their companies are doing just fine. Beyond that, the continuous support from them implies their trust and confidence towards Multimedia University, and our personnel who have served them in an excellent manner and met their expectation. Indeed, our personnel have shouldered their responsibilities with zest, zeal, honest and care to assure client satisfaction.

We admit that the student’s contributions in introducing Multimedia University to business clients through their societies and clubs projects are supremely crucial. Indirectly, the students have the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in incepting a business relationship, dealing with business clients, etc. The three-pronged relationship between Business Unit, students and business clients would sustain the business growth within Multimedia University campuses. We, at Business Unit are willing to assist the students by providing guidelines and advices.

We hope this year would bring more businesses to us. As day follows night, opportunities will follow trials, and successes will follow efforts. We already initiate the necessary actions to sustain an excellence service and ensure the best for our business clients. There are more in the pipeline to follow. We believe we can achieve whatever we have set out through the concerted efforts from our dedicated personnel.

Let us pray for the best and soar higher next year.

Business Unit

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