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Business And Promotional Activity (BPA) is designed to cater demand from our customers including staff, students and external customers who plan to promote or sell goods and services within MMU campuses on daily basis. The business promotional activities are inclusive of setting up booth to sell goods and services, demonstration, distributing brochures, exhibition and other business promotional activities approved by Business Unit.

There are four categories of BPA namely:

1) BPA for External Customer

· Exclusively for external vendors (Individual/company).
· Charge: RM50.00 to RM400.00 per-space / per-day.

<Online BPA Application Form> For External Vendor only

2) BPA for MMU Student & External vendor

Exclusively for outside vendors who participate in events or activities within MMU campuses upon invitation from MMU Student’s clubs or societies.

Charge: RM35.00 per-vendor / per-day.

3) BPA for MMU Student

Exclusively for MMU students who wish to operate business (without involving external vendors) but limited to the following states:

a) Participating in events or activities solely to generate income for clubs or societies
b) Participating in events or activities for fundraising purpose through clubs or societies
c) Final year project
d) Course project

Basically there is no charge to be imposed. However such is subject to the approval from Business Unit. Students are advised to provide ample evidence to support their applications.

4) BPA for MMU Internal Vendor

· Exclusively for business premise operators within MMU campuses or MMU staff
· Charge: RM50.00 per-vendor / per-staff per-day

The gazette areas for Business Promotional Activities (BPA) are as follows:

MMU Cyberjaya

1) Misri Plaza
2) Central Plaza
3) Central Food Court
4) Library Foyer
5) CLC Foyer
6) STC Foyer

MMU Melaka

1) Plaza Siswa
2) Main Hall
3) Mosque Square

*Note: Other areas are subject to approval from the respective building owner/department/faculty.

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