Inquire, Inspire and Innovate


Business Unit (BU) is established to meet the demand from the students and staff within the campuses for affordable but quality goods and services. Premised on this, BU has offered business premises ranging from food courts to business spaces to entrepreneurs and interested parties to provide various goods and services.

The various businesses in MMU campuses enable staff and students to purchase goods and services without leaving the campus. MMU staff and students may purchase foods and drinks at the Food Courts or services at the commercial lots available. MMU staff and students can also get new information or even purchase new product through companies whose come to MMU under Business Promotional Activities (BPA).

Having those businesses in MMU campuses is not merely aimed to provide goods and services but beyond that, indirectly, it may help project the reality of business world to the students. They may observe, learn and attain extra knowledge that would be very useful for their studies.

Above all, BU will strive to improve its services and delivery to the students and staffs within the campuses by closely working with the existing and potential business partners for new and better goods and services.


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