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Examination and Records Unit (ERU) conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey for a month’s period from 20 May 2012 until 21 June 2012. ERU main customers were academician and students, therefore two set of surveys were conducted. The survey questions were divided into 3 related sections of ERU services that had been categorized as Online Services, Counter Services and the overall customer services of ERU (Staff). The survey questions were made available online and were triggered to ACM, AAS and SIC system. Respondents were required to provide feedback to the survey for the first time login into either one of the systems. It was recorded that the number of academician who participated in this survey was 239 for Melaka and 216 for Cyberjaya. Meanwhile, the number of students was 4563 for Cyberjaya and 7054 for Melaka. From statistical analysis, the overall performance for services & staff of ERU was rated as satisfactory.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

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