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Appeal for remarking of examination paper

Extracted from MMU Rule No.8 / Part IV, student can apply for remarking of his or her examination's result according to the procedures below:

7. Appeal

A candidate, who may have sufficient reason to believe that he has been unjustly graded or that an error has occurred in the marking of his paper or in the computing of grades, may appeal to the relevant Board of Examiners through the Examination Unit.

8. Appeal Procedure

(1) A written formal appeal must be forwarded to the respective Dean/Director through the Examination Unit and a fee of Ringgit Malaysia hundred only (RM 100.00) per paper (or as determined by the Senate from time to time) shall be imposed as appeal fee. The appeal fee shall only be refunded if the said appeal is successful.

(2) All appeals shall reach the Examination Unit not later than one week after the commencement of the following trimester. Appeals submitted after one week shall not be entertained.

(3) The Dean/Director shall, together with the examiner concerned, review the answer script of the candidate. The Dean/Director may direct that the candidate's answer script be re-examined by a second examiner.

(4) After the review, if there is a change of mark and/or grade, the change shall be submitted to the Senate, through the Board of Examiners, for approval.

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